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Is it possible to solar power my entire house?
Yes. Yes!

You could, for example, offset 10%, 50%, or even 100% of your monthly electricity usage.

The solar system connects to your home's electric system and provides power as it is generated. The size and angle of your roof will determine how much of your electricity can be offset by solar. It also depends on your budget. Many customers have solar panels that offset their entire electricity bills.



Frequently Asked Questions Solar Panels in Frisco Texas

How Does Solar Power Work?

Solar systems can only produce power when the sun shines. The system's solar panels use sunlight to generate electricity.
The panels produce electricity even though they are less efficient during cloudy days.

Solar power is often misunderstood as a way to offset your entire electric bill. It doesn't produce any electricity at night. This is false.
we can design your system to produce enough power during daylight so it will offset all of the electricity you use. This allows you to use the utility company to store any extra power that is produced during the day.

Even if your system doesn't produce power at night, you can still get the power you need from it. When the system is properly sized, the amount of power you return to the grid will be offset by the amount that you take off. Even though your system doesn't produce at night, it can still produce more during the day.

What Are the Solar Power Advantages?

Although solar power has seen a huge rise in popularity over the past few years, it still needs to be familiarized with by most people.
Many people aren't clear on the benefits of going solar, and are therefore unsure what to do.
What are the benefits of solar power?

Reduce utility costs. You can avoid rising utility bills, which is one of the greatest benefits to going solar. You can buy solar power that will produce a certain amount of electricity for 25 to 30 years.
This means that you won't pay any more electric bills and the utility company will no longer raise their rates each year.

Tax benefits. Solar allows you to send less money in taxes to Uncle Sam. Solar is best for tax because of the 26% federal tax credit.
This allows you to claim a tax credit for 26% of your solar system's cost. Businesses can also claim depreciation for the cost of the solar system in addition to the tax credit.

Supporting the environment. The sun is a renewable and clean energy source. Solar energy doesn't pollute the environment or cause damage to the environment by being harvested from the sun's rays.

Independence.Installing a solar system is like building your own power plant. Instead of depending on the utility company, you can make your own energy. You can still disconnect from the grid but you can generate your own electricity whenever the sun rises.

Your Ego will get a boost because of being the proud owner of something most of your friends, relatives and neighbors don't have!

Is Solar Power a Good Option for Me?

The short answer to your question is yes.

It takes some analysis to understand why. Solar is a long-term investment. It's almost like pre-paying your electricity bills upfront, and then reap the rewards for many years.

You can purchase solar to generate the electricity that you need, or at least a portion of it. This will cover your electric bill for the next 25 years, and most likely for 30 to 40 years.

Imagine someone calling you in 1980 to ask if you would install a gas station in your backyard.
For $1.00 per gallon, you could get enough gas to meet all your needs. You had to pay $15,000.

You might have hesitated at the time because $15,000 could be a daunting amount. It would be in your best interest to sign the deal, if you think about the numbers.

Comparatively, if you continued to go to the gas station throughout your entire life, you'd spend far more than $15,000 on gas.
This principle holds true for going solar. Prepaying your electricity costs is a fraction of what you will spend on your utility company bills for the rest your life.

You will need to pay a deposit upfront.

The solar industry has developed to the point that most customers who decide to go solar use innovative financing options to pay for their purchase. These financing programs offer a low monthly payment to help you pay for your system.

The monthly payment is usually less than what you currently pay for electricity. You may be able start saving money on a monthly basis right away.

Solar will save you money, regardless of whether you are looking at it monthly with financing or long-term.

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What is a Solar Power inverter?

You may be new to solar power and wondering how to set up a solar system that works for you home or your business. Although most people are familiar with solar panels and their functions, the solar power converter is a bit of a mystery.

What is a solar power converter and why are you looking for one?
The inverter, which is essentially the brain of the operation, is simple. It converts solar energy into electricity that you can use in your home.
Direct Current (DC) energy is produced by solar panels. Your house runs on Alternating current or AC. The panels' energy is converted into AC by an inverter. It then flows into your home.

The inverter communicates with the grid to keep the energy in sync. As a safety measure, the inverter automatically shuts down if the grid is down. This prevents electricity from returning to the grid, which can cause shocks for anyone who is working on the lines. The inverter is the heart of the system.

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