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Is it high enough that my electricity bill is worth going solar?
Even if you have the perfect home, you may be discouraged by a low electricity bill. Solar might not make sense if you don’t use enough power. Our customers should have a $75 per month energy bill to be able to benefit from solar. The panels will pay off faster if you pay more for electricity. Solar power won't be a cost-saving option for homes that use low amounts of electricity.

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There are many solar companies. How do you make the right choice?
Because solar technology is new to most people, it can make choosing a solar installer a bit scary. Every homeowner has needed to call a plumber once in their lives. But solar technology... this is something that most people have never encountered. What is the best way to tell a good from a poor solar installer? What are the questions you should ask?

Don't be afraid to ask for help! Hiring a solar contractor is similar to hiring a contractor for any other home project. You don't need to be intimidated by solar's technical aspects. With some diligence and asking the right questions you will be fine.

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What happens if my panels produce more electricity than I use?

You will get credit if your solar panels produce more power than you use. This is called Net Metering, or similar programs. This credit can be used because  your system doesn't produce electricity at night.

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How long can solar panels last?

Our current solar panels come with a linear performance warranty of 25-30 years. The warranty doesn't mean that the panels will cease to work just because they are no longer covered. Over time, solar panels will slowly lose their efficiency. The panels will produce approximately 85% of their annual output by year 25. The panels will produce 70% of their original output if they continue to degrade at the same rate for the next 25-years. Solar panels are durable. and last a long time.

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What is the space required for solar panels?

There are many factors that can impact how much space you need for your solar system. These factors include how much electricity your system produces (which impacts the number of panels required), the type and size, as well as the space available.

A 10 kW system that covers a $160 monthly electric bill will use approximately 650 sq.ft to mount a roof or 0.01 acres to mount a ground mount. A 50 kW system, which would cover a $680 monthly electric billing, would consume approximately 3,250 sq.

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How fast can you install a photovoltaic solar project?
Most commercial and agricultural systems can usually be installed within 1-2 weeks. Most residential systems can be installed in as little as 1-2 days.

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